It's in the mail

Cover of Idealog #4
On sale from June 12

Another Idealog is on the way: issue #4 was posted to subscribers just a few hours ago. This issue is the biggest yet—and the best. Check out the editor’s note. We have stories from China, Canterbury, K Road and points between and beyond: inspiring people, imaginative products and great ideas.

Along the way we meet a nutty inventor who has improved the unimprovable; a young scientist who is heading to Harvard to develop business skills (and cultivate contacts) to advance local science; and five creative Kiwis who have battled on through adversity. We have the photograph that won a Pulitzer Prize for a Kiwi snapper and explain how research being done on the supercomputer used to make Peter Jackson’s blockbusters could change the story of human history. We have stories about a creative use for South Island fish skin, a cleaner, quieter two-stroke engine and the lowdown from local experts about the fine art of negotiation.

Features in this issue include the stories of Tanya ‘Misery’ Thompson, the 24-year-old Aucklander with the talent, ambition and wisdom to build her own fashion empire, and Peter Radford, the Canterbury farmer who has spent 40 years building his own brand and exclusive channel to the finest clothing designers of Paris, Milan and New York.

Read tales from the frontlines of doing business in China. Some are exciting, some are scary, but there’s a clear message for creative Kiwis: the opportunities are immense, New Zealand is ideally placed, and the right time is right now. Find out why the Chinese like Kiwis and where to start on a Chinese adventure.

So much global ambition! Which means it’s a good time to ask: whatever happened to Steinlager? ‘Our beer’ was once an iconic brand about Kiwis taking on the world. Plucky little Lion Breweries thumbed its corporate nose at Aussie politicians while taking on Heineken and Carlsberg in British pubs. Recently, though, it’s all gone a bit flat. Why? We’ve talked to the players, the pundits and the breweries about Steinlager’s past and how it could get some of its fizz back. Next week you can make your own opinion known on this website.

Idealog has also been picked up by many more retailers. Issue #4 will be on newsstands on Monday at bookstores and supermarkets near you.


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