Campbell Live! covers Gen C

Hey, Idealog’s on the telly. Or at least Gen C is on TV3. Check out this feature item from Friday June 2.

Campbell Live reporter Simon Shepherd did a really good job in covering the former blog. I recently attended a marketing conference that was bursting with Gen C marketing stories including the incredible story of how Tequila, a US ad agency in the TBWA family, launched Playstation game Shadow of Colossus . In short, it launched the game on the web with 50 web sites, mostly blogs, all about the discovery of giant fossils - and nothing about the game or about Plastation. Tequila even created fake news stories about the uncovering of fossilised giant bones in India and Russia. The story gripped bloggers and archeology geeks around the world until it was revealed as a stunt for the new game. Even then some claimed the revelations were a cover up. It’s pretty clever and got a massive level of engagement from the audience. The game sold extremely well.

We’ll keep an eye for more Gen C material.

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