The trilogy

Cover of Idealog #3
Idealog May/June 2006

Idealog #3 is on bookshelves now. Once again, it's jam-packed with stories of creative New Zealanders. Check out the Editor's note. Inside Idealog #3 you'll find stories on topics from IT to art, by way of architecture, music, fashion, advertising, science and marketing. Our cover story is about all of the above and more—it's about Generation C, the digital generation that is remaking the way we buy, sell and communicate.

We've already posted Idealog #3 to subscribers, and if you're thinking of buying a sub now is a good time to sign up. Five lucky subscribers will win a chic Tivoli PAL radio each worth $349, and all Idealog subscribers are entitled to a freelisting on WhoZoo, Idealog's online creative services directory, usually worth $195—plus subscribers save up to 25% off the cover price. Sign up at

At Idealog, we're proud to bring you stories of creative New Zealanders. I hope you enjoy Idealog #3 and I look forward to your feedback. Our aim is for each issue of Idealog to be better than its predecessor so we're hard at work on #4 and we welcome your thoughts. Leave a comment here on the website, drop me Letter to the Editor.

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