Talent doesn't recognise age

I’m getting such a kick from collaborating with some of the best creative talent in the country.

Illustrators and photographers are crucial to the success of Idealog. From the very beginning I have been committed to creating an environment that showcases the best we have. Both young and old.

This week I have been dealing with a fresh graduate photographer and one of New Zealand’s most seasoned photographers. The one thing that binds them is the level of passion and commitment to their craft - in spite of what might be a 50 year gap in their ages.

Talent doesn’t recognise age.

Creativity depends on input. No matter how young and ’cool’ you are, no matter how hip to current trends; if you don’t leave yourself open to experiences and information outside of your immediate and obvious area of interest ... well, the bad news is that you are in a cul de sac.

Get out and immerse yourself in an alien world. If you waft around the intellectual world of science  - get thee to a dumbery! Try hanging at the RSA. Not that I mean people at the RSA are thick. But their concerns are probably unlike yours.

Who knows? Might spark a thought. Might just be a relief to escapre the geeks in the lab.

My favourite physicist (I know, pretentious), is Richard Feynman. He helped build The Bomb-–something he regretted for the rest of his life. He won the Nobel prize for his seminal work in quantum physics. He would swap time with a friend who  was an artist, Each would teach the other their crafts. Feynman became an accomplished draughtsman. I’m not sure how physics informed his friend the sculptor and painter. maybe he just gained a different perspective on the world which°©in turn°©informed his art. Feynman used his newfound skill to draw girls in Californian girlie bars.

Maybe you should have your next meeting at a girlie bar?

Cross pollination is a very real ingredient to breaking through.

So is being open to experience.

One of the joys of commissioning the work in the magazine is to enjoy the benefit of hiring some of the best in New Zealand (we’ll get to the rest in time). All I offer is a clear brief and an empty stage - and I am yet to be disappointed.

Issue two should be printed by the end of next week. We have just put it to bed. I’m very happy with it.  Look forward to feedback when it hits the streets.

If you haven’t got a copy of the launch edition–I suggest you search one out now. One of the highlights is the 16 track CD that accompanies Russell Brown’s story  about indie music in New Zealand. I’ve had mine going consistently since I got it. Can Cds wear out?


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