Courage, Grasshopper.

Creativity is a game of risk. Nothing great is accomplished without risk.

One of the most common reasons that flaccid ideas emerge into the world is because the inventor (and I use the term in its loosest sense) never asked:

Is this good enough? How can I make it better?

There used to be an advertising agency called Chiat Day. It has gone. Absorbed into what is now TBWA. Chiat Day were legendary for their work–including the launch of the Apple Mac and Nike. Jay Chiat was an inspirational leader of the agency. Like most inspirational leaders he had some mottos, my favourite was:

Good enough isn’t good enough.

When we create we put something personal on the line–machines can’t create. Nor can organisations. I am happy to debate the latter point with you, but my view is that the people in organisations come up with ideas. The people in the company who mediate between customers and creators or creators and producers within the organisation represent the interests of all. Ultimately the entity can assume credit and bank the profits–but it is always individuals who originate ideas. So we risk our egos taking a knock when we reveal our ideas.

But what is the alternative? To keep them to ourselves?
Not likely.
To get them done we have to expose them the cold hard light of scrutiny.

And who knows - collaboration might just make things better.

IP Paradox #1:

Patent Law seeks to promote economic activity by granting exclusion rights to inventors. Anti-trust law seeks to promote economic activity by denying the very same rights

The Idea Companion - Clever Copyrights, tremendous trademarks & Peerless patents by Johnny Acton 

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