The Creative Coach

"A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking"

Well, of course you can think that way or you can take a more optimistic view of the world. That is one of the things about creativity. It is optimistic. It depends on a sense of fun. 

Think about it. How many ideas have you had while you were simply looking at a product or situation and wondered what it would be like if you made a little alteration here, a tweak there?

For instance: I’ve always wondered why visitors to New Zealand are wooed here and entertained during their stay, but when the time comes for them to leave for home we don’t do anything to reinforce how much we enjoyed their company (and how grateful we are for the money they left behind).

Think about it, after a couple of weeks in Aotearoa our German or American guests have been immersed in a huge experience, 12,000 miles from home. They will have made a positive attachment and leaving will be an emotional moment. They are probably tired and regret leaving, but also look forward to getting home.

What do we do to make the most of the moment, to reinforce their connection and encourage them to rave to their friends and families?

How about an ambassador kit? As you leave we give you an honorary ambassador for life pack. Maybe a complimentary photo album, exclusive access to an ambassador web site where they can post stories (blog) and pictures of their trip to share with family and friends. The blog site will have plenty of links to New Zealand information and offers to encourage more visitors and referrals.

The possibilites are endless. But, right now, the best a visitor can expect is a Haere ra sign and a grumpy passport control officer as thanks for stopping by.


I can imagine the opposing arguments such an idea would generate. But hey, ya never know. 

I like to think of myself as an optimist — who never saw something that couldn’t be improved on.


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