From the Editor

The music biz is a famously tough industry, so why would anyone want to get involved in it? Ask Ben Howe of Arch Hill Recordings and he’ll give you a straight answer. “It does fundamentally come down to a genuine enthusiasm for music,” he says. Howe and the other Kiwi entrepreneurs featured in our Independents’ Day feature on page 58 have turned their love for New Zealand music into a string of hits and are making a living doing something they love.

Matt Cooney

The indies, and the many other creative New Zealand business people featured in these pages, represent our economic future. We’re proud to bring you the stories of creative New Zealanders. They have a message for other talented Kiwis: you can do it.

Idealog is built around a genuine respect for the work done by people who understand creativity and business. We haven’t pigeonholed our readers by occupations, industries or income. These pages feature stories about art, biotech science, clothing design, architecture, music, advertising, design, new media, marketing, movies and dairy farming. Creativity is demanded in every corner of our economy. If you’re interested in ideas and enterprise then you’ve come to the right place.

But the magazine you hold is only part of the master plan. We believe New Zealand’s ‘commercial creatives’ have a great deal to learn from each other and we want to encourage those conversations. We’ll be running events and providing other opportunities for creative cross-pollination, and we’ll be using our website to keep in touch with readers between issues. Join us at

Creative commercial people are an opinionated bunch, of course, so get those opinions off your chest. Send your rants and raves to us and you may even be well rewarded for your thoughts — as if appearing in the next issue of Idealog isn’t reward enough.

The creative process might be tough but it’s important. New Zealand’s economic future depends on it. And there’s nothing more satisfying than realising a good idea.

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