The Wrap: 18 December

The Wrap: 18 December

Short back and sides

Why do so many kids freak out when their parents sit them on Santa's knee, hunting for that adorable shot for the annual Christmas card? Maybe it's the huge beard that suggests jolly Saint Nick has something to hide.

The Shave Santa iOS app could be the answer — it offers a range of tools to give Santa a spruce up and even get his reindeer Rudolph looking better. It should come with a warning though as Santa doesn't appreciate getting clipped. Users have to be prepared to patch up the cuts and scratches.

Capturing your best side

Artist Matthias Dortfelt's project, The Weird Faces Vending Machine is on a mission to tear down the walls of art world snobbery by offering prints for just three bucks.

The machine uses the programming language C++, vector graphic scripting framework PaperJS and interactive objects framework Arduino to spit out sketches that seem to be hand drawn but are in fact generated by an algorithm.

Once the user swipes their credit card, the machine will also talk to them about the process they're undergoing to get their picture. The card name is also used for a nice final flourish that prints a dedication on the back of the print.

In touch with your feelings

A new app called Feels is the newfangled equivalent of the pros and cons list, that tried and tested way of making major decisions. Instead of putting ticks in the negative or positive column, you attach smiley or frowny faces to the factors associated with each decision.

It's all designed to show how you really feel about your options.

One ring to rule them all

Last week we brought you the story of the GER sweater that used lie detector technology to supposedly uncover your mood and display and appropriate colour on its LED display. Now there's another piece of wearable tech in the 'this is possible, but possibly pointless' category.

It's the Smarty Ring, the ring equivalent of the smartwatch.

"Forget tapping phone screen, get instant alerts right on your finger," says the makers. You'll get call notifications, text and email alerts and real time social and Skype updates, and can control your phone's functions with stop, back and forward controls on the ring.

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