The Wrap: 11 December

The Wrap: 11 December

Stalking Santa

Kids obsessed with finding out what they're going to get for Christmas can use this website to find out where he is at all times. NORAD (the Northern American Aerospace Defense Command) has a 50 year-plus tradition of following Santa's movements and has vamped up the site this year with some new features.

As well as a countdown to the jolly man's arrival, children can explore an interactive graphic of Santa's North Pole village, play games at the village arcade and read more about the man himself.

Something to hide

San Francisco agency Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer took Google Maps' policy of not showing people's faces to heart in the shots that feature on the site.

As you navigate around the interior view, workers look more like they're conspiring to rob a bank as they talk on cellphones, work on their laptops, play table tennis and pose for a photo on a hot pink bicycle. Visit the office on Street View here.

Take up your keys

Microsoft is among the latest companies to cash in on Hobbit fever, with the 13 December launch of a free blueprint for fans to 3D print their own Key to Erebor. For the unitiated, the key unlocks the back door to the Erebor mountain kingdom, giving Thorin Oakenshield the tool to take up the throne.

The blueprint is part of new creative offered via Windows 8's Ads-in-Apps. People who want the blueprint can download it from the ad, then it's just a matter of actually owning or accessing a 3D printer. If they don't, the ad also provides an interactive exploration of the movie, with information about characters, the actors, and behind the scenes video.

Heart, meet sleeve

Just when we thought we'd seen it all in wearable tech, the mood ring more showy cousin has arrived in the form of a sweater. The GER mood sweater apparently displays how we're feeling using an interactive light display, based on technology originally used in lie detector kits.

Wearers don't need to say what they're thinking, because hand sensors detect excitement levels and translate them into a palette of colours shown on the LED-powered collar. You might want to stick to mood rings if you don't want to look like an astronaut who's forgotten to don their spacesuit correctly.

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