What we searched for on the interweb this year

What we searched for on the interweb this year

America's Cup support ultimately proved futile, but the sporting event rated among Kiwis top Google searches of 2013 alongside the royal baby, pop darling Lorde and fallen stars Cory Monteith and Paul Walker.

Google's annual Zeitgeist barometer lists what Kiwis most wanted to find out about during the year.

"Kiwis showed a strong interest in health and wellness in 2013, searching for 'what is gluten?', 'what is diabetes?', and 'what is depression?'," spokesperson Annie Baxter said in a company blog.

"Arts and crafts had another strong year, with 'how to draw', 'how to crochet', and 'how to knit' all heavily searched.

Events that captured our attention were the Boston Marathon bombing, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the appointment of Pope Francis and the birth of the royal baby, Prince George.

"Closer to home it was Wellington earthquake and Auckland earthquake capturing our attention," Baxter said. The top 10 globally trending searches were Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, the iPhone 5S, Cory Monteith, the Harlem Shake, Boston Marathon, the royal baby, Samsung Galaxy S4, Playstation 4 and North Korea.

Google's Trends Globe has an interactive map of the top searches by city and month in 2013.

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