App review: Bokeh puts your life on record

App review: Bokeh puts your life on record

If you've ever looked back through an old photo album, browsed your Facebook timeline or searched the emails and texts you've sent and received in the last few years, you'll know it can be a cathartic experience.

Finding a long forgotten but encouraging message from a friend, or a photo that cracks you up, gives you a lift in dreary times. You might also stumble on something embarrassing or sad. If you'll excuse the TV analogy, so are the days of our lives.

Bokeh makes it easy to record the moments you live out, in words and images. The app joins a crowded category of blog platforms, but its point of difference is simplicity.

Once you've recorded a day's events and taken some pictures, it's easy to go back and reminisce using the calendar view in-app, or on the site it creates for you using your username and

The unlimited storage is a huge plus with this free service: you can store original, high resolution images as much as you like. And if you're not an exhibitionist, you can set your page to private or add a time delay so your musings appear publicly after the fact.

Sharing is also more low key with Bokeh: you can grant others access to a day's journalling by giving them a password.

So far it's only available for the iPhone, but an Android version is being developed. If you were wondering, the name comes from the photographic term that rates the out of focus parts of an image.

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