The Wrap: 22 October

The Wrap: 22 October

Aussies up by two

1. The flip side

We might hate to admit it, but our neighbours across the ditch do have good ideas now and again. Here's one from developers David McKinney and Stuart Hall:

Flipcase, an app that brings the retro cool game Connect Four to the iPhone 5C by using the holes in its case. Players tap the holes to place their pieces, in games against other players or against machines, then shake their device to start over. As cool as it is, there was nothing quite as satisfying as the clack of the plastic disc sliding into the slot in the original game.

2. Books by drone

Two smarty pants startups over the Tasman have combined with a way to get textbooks to needy students: by drone.

One of them is the book rental venture Zookal, which is piloting (pun intended) the program at the University of Sydney. The second is Flirtey, a startup supported by the university.

The service is based on an app that lets users send their GPS location to tell the drone where to send the books. It's all in aid of reducing the cost of shipping books and making delivery times faster.

New recruit

Companies have been using LinkedIn to stalk ... er, research ... job applicants and potential shoulder tapping material since not long after the social network launched.

Now the site has come up with two new ways to tap into its strength as a recruiting tool for those using mobile. Linkedin reckons 33 percent of members now visit the site via mobile and more than 30 percent of LinkedIn job views come from mobile devices. The first tool, Mobile Work With Us, lets job openings be included with member profiles, turning employees into "brand ambassadors". 

The second, Recruiter Mobile, brings the features of LinkedIn Recruiter to mobile devices. They include responding to candidate InMails, viewing full profiles and getting hiring manager feedback on candidates.

Gnnnaaaawww ... Google

Google has warmed the hearts of entrepreneurs everywhere with this video tribute by its global program for entrepreneurs.

The tech giant is celebrating the program's first anniversary by partnering to extend the reach of UP Global to a thousand cities by 2016; and giving backing to the global Startup Weekend events.

"We’re also teaming up to power Startup Digest and NEXT to connect entrepreneurs with training and event resources — all through UP Global," it says. "You feel every emotion all at one time," says one entrepreneur in the video's voiceover. "The joy that comes from seeing something that you've thought about and now you see it starting to take off, there is nothing that can parallel it. 

Just don't mention the 18-hour days, constant struggle for cashflow and working from home in your pyjamas.

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