The Wrap: 2 October

The Wrap: 2 October

Doodling Google

We love how creative Google gets with the doodles that grace its home page. To celebrate its 15th birthday recently the tech giant designed a cute little game that lets you whack a pinata and extract delicious virtual treats. Here are a couple of our other faves - one that celebrated Earth Day and another for Labour Day.

Video squared

If you were wondering whether people still use Foursquare to broadcast their whereabouts to friends and family, the company's new series of timelapse videos are proof a huge number still do.

The location-based service has taken a year's worth of check-ins in Istanbul, London, Chicago, San Francisco and Tokyo and mapped them according to the type of place people checked in - from eateries to shops and universities. Each type of place has a colour, giving each video a rainbow of lines zooming on and off the map.

Here's Tokyo's version:



She's a hard road finding the perfect backing track for that awesome video, but Youtube is coming to the rescue with its new Audio Library feature.

"The right song can create a magical moment (and the wrong one can kill the mood in a millisecond). Whatever tone you’re trying to set, your soundtrack is critical," says the Youtube partners and creators blog.

The service lets you download over 150 royalty free tracks for your videos free, from a list that spans genres from pop/bright to rock/angry and hiphop&rap/dark. You can also browse the catalogue by mood, instrument and duration - and the melody can be for any creative purpose, not just a Youtube video.

Mice dead and buried

We were at first alarmed on hearing the news that Apple founder Steve Jobs' mouse had outlived him, until we clarified that was in fact a computer peripheral rather than a rodent. Apparently Jobs added the device to a time capsule in Colorado in 1983 with the plan it would be dug up in 2000. Thirteen years later an excavation on the National Geographic channel show Diggers unearthed the capsule, which also contained a Rubik's cube, a copy of Vogue and a six pack of beer.

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