Vodafone launches hero TV service and speedy plan sidekicks

Vodafone launches hero TV service and speedy plan sidekicks

Vodafone is pitching its new TV service Red Home and new fast plans as a reason for Kiwis to switch to fibre.

The broadband plans are a 30 megabits per second offering, Ultra Fast 30, which costs between $95 and $119 for broadband and a home line, or $65-$89 for broadband only; and Ultra Fast 100 (100 megabits per second), costing between $125 and $149 for broadband and phone and $95-$119 for broadband.

Users then choose Vodafone TV's Freeview option, for which there's no content charge, or a Sky subscription, which costs $45 for the basic package, another $22 for movies and $26 for sport. The digital recorder rental is free with the new UFB plans for 80GB or more and with the Sky and Vodafone TV package.

Vodafone and Freeview say the launch is well timed with the switch to digital TV happening on 1 December.

The TV service also offers a choice of 150 channels and a choice of 36 pay per view movies for $7.95 for high definition and $6.95 for standard definition.

The movies are screened five or six times each day, but on demand viewing is on the roadmap, Vodafone says.

Not all Kiwis will be able to take up the offering. UFB fibre is set to reach 75 percent of New Zealanders in 33 towns and cities by 2019.

Initially the service will be available in parts of Auckland covering 200,000 homes, and in Wellington and Christchurch, where Vodafone says it can reach about 160,000 homes with its cable network.

The fibre plans will use Chorus and Northpower's netowkrs. Vodafone says it's the only offering using Chorus' multicast capability,
which allows the broadcast of several media streams to multiple users in a region. With the broadband stream separate, it won't affect the quality of the TV experience.

The ultrafast plans are available now with Vodafone TV set to launch on 1 November.

Vodafone will start advertising the service on Sunday with a TVC in conjunction with its agency Draft FCB.

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