Kiwis claim first website built mid-air during skydive

Kiwis claim first website built mid-air during skydive

Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao from Kiwi start up Designbymobile are claiming a world first for the creation of a webpage built in mid-air, while skydiving from 8,000 feet.

The pair created the webpage while skydiving in Auckland. They did two jumps and used the footage from the first jump to create the webpage in mid-air on the second jump, taking a total of around seven minutes from jump to landing. 

“We’ve created a web design and hosting tool so easy and quick to use that we were able to make a webpage from start to finish while skydiving from 8,000 feet…complete with text, images, links, a video and a slide show,” says Hirst.

The webpage they created can be viewed here and a full video of the skydive here.

Hirst and Leo officially launched Designbymobile on the 2nd of October at The Next Web conference in New York.

“Designbymobile will transform the way we design and build websites. You can now create them on your smartphone or tablet as well as a computer and update them on touch screen devices anytime from anywhere. You can use your own domain name or one of ours and for the first month you can try it out for free,” says Hirst.

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