App review: Cloze cares about the people you care about

App review: Cloze cares about the people you care about

We all have them - contacts we communicate with via email or social media who seem to be full of hot air. Then there are those with a ready supply of helpful advice and humour.

The Cloze app, free for iOS devices and on browsers, is designed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Once you sign up and connect your social and email accounts, the app sucks in our communications for you to arrange. As you communicate more and more via these digital channels, it learns who you communicate most actively with and updates your VIP list (those who make it into Cloze's Key People circle) continuously.

The great thing is you can 'mute' those who are too noisy, either by not receiving their messages, or by receiving only those on certain channels.

You're not entirely at the app's mercy when it comes to whose messages you'll see, because you can your own contacts up to 100 people. There are no shortage of tools that combine your electronic communications in one inbox but the clean design and useful of Cloze set it apart.

Filtering messages from your most important contacts cuts out daily noise and Cloze also rates how you relate to other people according to what it calls dormancy, frequency, responsiveness, privacy, freshness and balance.

These scores are particularly enlightening if they're low for people you thought you got on well with - then again, it might be you're actually talking to these people face to face.

Cloze even gives advice about how to deepen your relationships with contacts and you can set target scores to find out how that's progressing.

The app is also a good organiser if you need to put off replies for as much as a week and be reminded later. And the Losing Touch list can be a good nudge if there are people falling off your radar. 

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