The Wrap: 18 September

The Wrap: 18 September

Google treks to the Galapagos

Google has well and truly gone off street with its views of the Galapagos Islands. Over ten days in May Google grabbed footage from the archipelago and released it to mark the 178th anniversary of Charles Darwin's explorations.

Here you can get your explorer's hat on and survey 360 degree views of some of the wild sights it captured, like sunbathing sealions, cute baby tortoises, arty lava formations and frivolous frigatebirds.

Data as art

Here's some evidence that numbers people care about more than cold, hard stats.

Art projects featured on Buzzfeed show the softer side of data, creatively putting to use numbers generated by every day processes like making single shot lattes and following flight paths. Aaron Koblin's lines of airplane colour light up the night:


And here's Breville's Naked Espresso effort:


Check them all out here

Wine and chips

In the 1990s Intel Inside stickers started taking pride of place on machines powered by the chip maker. Now Intel is telling us our computers might one day be powered by wine.

On its website recently the company documented a the company documented anthropologist Genevieve Bell's demonstration at the Intel Developer Forum of an experimental microprocessor powered by a battery made from a glass of wine.

The processor had the ability to control the motion of a 3D flower rendered on another computer. It was all about showing how mobile computing, especially wearable tech and smart sensors, will need power sources that allow for much lower consumption.

We just hope stocks of perfectly good alcohol don't all end up being used for this admirable purpose.

Record highs

The Guiness World Records are out for another year and there are some bizarre highlights, including this guy who's amassed around 300,000 items of Star Wars memorabilia.

​Among the other new records are the largest walking robot, a 15.72m-long dragon from Germany; and the farthest distance skateboarded by a goat, Happie, who went 36m in 25 seconds.

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