The Wrap: 7 August

The Wrap: 7 August


Google > the sources in a Wiki article

Good news, lazy students! Google is now making it easier to tell which search results are in-depth enough to tell you what you need to know about your research topic. 

Google announced the new feature on its blog this morning, and says it’s because the company’s research shows up to 10 percent of Google users are looking to learn more about a broad topic. (We’re pretty sure most of those people wind up on Wikipedia.)

The new feature, which rolls out over the next few days, will highlight relevant, long-form articles, and will only be available on in English. 

Shedding light on the darknet

You can never, ever be truly anonymous when you’re using the internet. Case in point: an Austrian man who runs a node of the Tor network has been arrested on charges of distributing child porn, and hosting company FreedomWeb has been shut down.

Tor was originally known as The Onion Network, and it’s designed to keep your identity secret when you’re surfing the internet. A user’s location is concealing in Tor using a volunteer network of about 3000 relays. 

Allegedly, the network may have been compromised by the release of malware that exploited a JavaScript vulnerability in Tor Browser. Very clever, eye of the law. Very clever.

Mmm, vegan meat

A lab at the University of Maastricht has grown meat, or something resembling it. The project was partially funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and it’s a good thing he has deep pockets because a single beef patty costs US$325,000–that’s nearly $412,000 New Zealand dollars–to produce.

The lab-grown meat comes from the cells of slaughterhouse cows, and grows with some assistance from the stem cells of calves. 

The first ever tasting has just been held in London. I’d probably give it a go.

Qualcomm imagines a world without smartphones ​

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