The Wrap: 28 August

The Wrap: 28 August

School's in at LinkedIn

Universities can now join individuals, companies and groups on the roll at LinkedIn. According to its blog, unis will be able to tempt potential students from around the world by showing off notable alumni, what sort of career they can set themselves up for and who they might be able to hook up with on campus. 

LinkedIn actually calls this getting a head start in forming a lifelong professional network, but whatever works.

Apparently 200 universities have adopted their pages. The only Kiwi one we found was Lincoln - notable alumni: cricket coach Shane Bond.

Hobbits are small, so are Lego people

There's something very cool about Lego movie trailers - maybe it's seeing how much these characters can achieve despite being teeny, yellow and plastic, with fixed facial expressions and a bump on their head to attach hair and other accessories.

YouTube channel Brotherhood Workshop has its own version of the second in the Hobbit series The Desolation of Smaug, according to Mashable.

Mashable's site also has something very cool, the original trailer and the one with even littler people side by side.

Apple rumours - just so we don't have to go there again until next month

As before every anticipated Apple media event, rumours are swirling. The next date that has fans buzzing is September 10, so we may as well get a roundup out of the whispers out of the way, then not mention them again until the predictions are proved true or false. 

Other than the official launch of the new OS (possibly with 3D gesture inputs), writers tout the budget iPhone 5C, a 5S backed in gold or silver, an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, a faster processor and a fingerprint sensor and an iPad Mini with a higher res Retina display.

Ballmer gazing

Everyone seems to have their pick to replace Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer, who recently called time on a role that started when the Dotcom bubble burst. There's everyone from Kiwi Chris Liddell, the tech giant's former finance chief, to largely unpopular new Batman Ben Affleck (Holy Windows!)

Various other execs from inside Microsoft and from other tech firms also have votes. If they don't get the job, maybe they'd consider auditioning to be Robin, the Joker or Catwoman.

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