The Wrap: 14 August

The Wrap: 14 August

All aboard the Hyperloop

Hate flying long-haul? Yes, us too. The planes are full of screaming babies, you’re probably stuck in economy and therefore can’t sleep in your cramped seat, and god forbid you should be assigned the middle seat. So what if a transport system existed that would allow you to travel faster than flying, supported by a delightful cushion of air?

Okay, so the hyperloop is probably not that comfy–it’s a tube that allows you to travel at supersonic speeds in low-pressure tubes. 

We’re fairly certain this kind of technology is a recipe for disaster, but PayPal founder Elon Musk is putting the plans out there so that someone can make that disaster their own. Coolcoolcool.

A video game worth US$1 million?

If you have US$1 million ($1.25 million) just lying around the house, why don’t you wander around and pick up all those Rutherfords and spend them on a video game?

No, I’m not talking about some rare, antique video game–I’m talking about Saint’s Row IV, which comes out on 22 August. 

Did we mention the game also comes with a Virgin Galactic space flight, a hostage rescue experience, a Lamborghini Gallardo, plastic surgery, a personal shopper, holidays at some of the world’s most expensive resorts, and a whole bunch of other ridiculous stuff? 

Still, Ars Technica says it’s not even a good deal–the tech publication reckons all of that stuff comes out to about US$630,000. It’s doubtful that the people behind the promotion really thought the package would get sold, of course, but it sure has gotten some tongues wagging.

iPhone 5S rumours buzzing

When a publication comes out and says, “Hey, we think there’s going to be a new iPhone announced in September”, that’s a pretty safe bet. For years now there’s been one iPhone per year, always announced in August or September. So it’ll be no surprise to anyone to hear that the Wall Street Journal’s ‘AllThingsD’ says there’s an iPhone-related event happening on 10 September (that's 11 September for Kiwis).

Fanboys and girls, assemble! Your time in the sun has come once again.

Reach into the screen and grab a pixel

This Ted talk wasn't recorded at Auckland's recent Tedx event, but it is pretty incredible.

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