Review: Super Planner

Review: Super Planner

If you regularly plan events as part of your job, you probably need some kind of portable system for keeping track of everything. That’s where Super Planner comes in–it’s designed to help you keep track of attendees, catering, pricing, and everything else. The app’s available on both iPhone and Android, but I tested it on an Android device.

On first opening the app, it looks very straightforward. There are three buttons at the top of the screen that read ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Audio Visual’ and ‘Venue Capacity’. When you go into the ‘Food and Beverage’ section, you’re presented with some details to fill in, such as the number of attendees. What’s not immediately obvious, however, is that you can add a lot more detail by pressing the menu button on your Android phone–the one that looks like a series of lines, or a series of lines in a box. There you have options around tables, staffing, pricing and even place settings.

When dealing with pricing you have to first calculate the total cost per head for both food and drink, but once you do you can fill in a few fields, add GST and a gratuity if necessary, and the app will calculate your total cost.

In the Venue Capacity section, you can calculate how many people you can squeeze in by entering the size of the room, in square metres or feet. Super Planner’s creators really have thought the app through–you can choose types of seating, such as banquet or theatre, and specify that you want a dance floor and figure out how big it should be. And in the Audio Visual section, the app can even calculate how far back from a screen your guests will need to sit.

However, there’s no place to enter the cost of the audio visual products you hire, or the venue hire. That seems like a bit of a glaring oversight.

Another really obvious feature that’s missing from Super Planner is the ability to keep track of decorations and their cost. You could plan a simple business event with Super Planner, but you couldn’t keep track of everything if you were planning a wedding.

Would I pay nearly $13 (closer to $14 for the iOS version) for the app? Maybe, but I’d have to be planning events every couple of weeks or so, and they’d have to either be relatively simple affairs or I’d need a secondary app to house all of the extra details that can’t be entered into Super Planner. Still, it’s relatively comprehensive and I was pleasantly surprised by some of its features.

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