Break a mental sweat on your next run with the New Zealand Business Podcast

Break a mental sweat on your next run with the New Zealand Business Podcast
Music is a waste of brain power. Why not listen to the New Zealand Business Podcast - a new business and technology show - next time you are exercising or commuting?

If you’re too busy to keep up with the latest insights in the worlds of technology and business, and feel ignorant when people start throwing about jargon that you don’t understand, Paul Spain may have just solved all your problems.

Last week he launched the New Zealand Business Podcast– a simple way for people on-the-go to soak up the latest business trends and listen to some of the country’s most successful leaders, making it possible for gym-junkies to break a mental sweat during their work out.

The first two episodes feature Xero founder Rod Drury sharing insights into the history and thinking behind Xero, and Olympic Gold Medal Winner Hamish Carter hosting a discussion on leadership for the Sir Peter Blake Trust. 

Spain, the host of the weekly NZ Tech Podcast and a frequent commentator on business and technology for TV3, says the aim of the podcast is to educate New Zealanders and improve our knowledge.

“Our goal for the NZ Business Podcast is to help New Zealanders become more successful. The stronger we become at leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and business, the better the impact on our families and NZ’s economy.”

He says he came with the idea for his initial podcast when his car became his “mobile university” as he would always be learning about business and technology whilst driving to his office.

The NZ Business Podcast aims to initially provide 24 episodes each year. Listen at or via iTunes (on Mac and PC), Apple’s iPhone/iPod Podcast app along with podcasting apps on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

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