The Wrap: 3 July

The Wrap: 3 July

More GCSB and TICS

By the time you're reading this it's likely that the Intelligence and Security Select Committee hearing on the GCSB and TICS Bill will be underway.

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More than 100 submissions were made on the bill and many of them will be at parliament this afternoon to have their say on the bill. Among them are digital civil libertarian Thomas Beagle, Southgate Labs co-founder Michael Koziarski and Mega founder Kim Dotcom – who will face off with prime minister John Key for the first time in person (no doubt in some elaborate dance battle competition).

TV3 is livestreaming the proceedings from 3:30pm – reality TV we can all support.

Moto X

Google bought Motorola Mobility two years ago – purchasing not only a smartphone manufacturer but also a lucrative cache of patents to protect itself from Apple and Microsoft. It's only now about to reveal the first phone to come out of the Googorola era.

The Moto X is rumoured to be customisable in much the same way as PCs are. The user can order different storage and memory specs, colours for the body and even which carrier it supports. The phones will also buck the trend and be manufactured in the US instead of China or Taiwan.

Pacific Rim go boom

And because everyone (and I mean everyone) loves giant robots battling against equally giant monsters for the future of humanity, here's a trailer from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim (out next Thursday).​

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