Tourism New Zealand brings essential tourism spots to mobile

Tourism New Zealand's newest app aims at putting a travel guide in the pocket of every visitor to New Zealand (at least those with iPhones and iPads, for now).

The Essential New Zealand app aggregates tourism information from, which includes tourism hotspots, flight details and prices for local accommodations and activities. A simple bookmarking feature lets users build their ideal New Zealand trip using this information and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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The iOS app was developed by Digital Arts Network (part of the /TBWA agency) and Cactus Lab. DAN develops Tourism New Zealand's website and has worked closely with the government agency on campaigns such as '100% Middle Earth'.

Tourism New Zealand has employed a 'create once, publish everywhere' strategy, so content created for will automatically be mobile ready – and vice versa.

An Android version is in the works, but a Tourism New Zealand spokesperson says it will most likely launch later this year.