SEO: Getting your business on the Google radar

SEO: Getting your business on the Google radar

No doubt you have at one point or another been informed that Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is essential for improving your online visibility, generating targeted traffic and making online conversions. Unlike many online marketing methods, search engine marketing is considered the best way of driving targeted visitors to your website.

Why SEO?

Over 90 percent of users online use the internet to perform a search, coming in as the second highest reason people use the web. If your website is not at the top of the search engine results when your customers search for your products or services then your competitors are taking business from you.

A few things you can ask yourself are:

- What are your customers searching for to find businesses like yours online?

An SEO company should be able to help you with keyword research to determine which keywords are going to have a larger search volume or be more targeted to what you are selling. We have provided a few steps you can take to do this for yourself.

- How will Google know my website is related to what these people type in?

SEO should entail optimising your website both 'on page' and 'off page' for your chosen search phrases. This helps build relevancy for both search engines and for website visitors.

How can you benefit from SEO?

Some of the main benefits of Search Engine Marketing are:

1. Generating targeted visitors to your website

Google is pretty good and determining how relevant a website is to a particular search query. Adding your chosen search phrases to your content will help build this relevancy. By not including your targeted search phrases in your content, Google may not be able to associate your website with the search phrases people are typing in, which results in your website losing search engine positions due to irrelevancy. 

2. Improved brand exposure

SEO can actually generate visitor traffic through more than just your targeted search phrases. Variations, synonyms and broad match search can all drive traffic to your website, which will mean more exposure for your brand and business.

3. Longevity, without paying for every click

Search engine optimisation is about increasing the natural visibility of a website for targeted industry search terms and phrases. Once you have established a good search position for these terms and phrases, you will generate a constant flow of organic traffic (traffic you do not have to pay for on a per click basis). While Google Adwords is a great way to establish a good flow of traffic it comes through having to pay for every click. Establishing yourself with credibility through organic means, should eliminate the need to rely solely on pay per click advertising in the long run.

4. A great way for small business to build a reputation

In a world where larger businesses have a higher budget and marketing spend, SEO can provide a way for smaller businesses to be recognised. While SEO is becoming more about resourcing your efforts in social media and content – there are still many things you can do on the service which will make a difference to your search engine visibility.

5. Better ROI

Because search marketing is a highly targeted form of website traffic generation, more of your visitors are likely to turn into customers. This means that you are likely to generate more in revenue from this online marketing method than any other marketing effort.

What can you do to maximise your SEO?

As a business owner there are things you can do right away to gain better search engine positions. Ensuring these are done properly is important for maximising your online potential.

1. Think about your customers

What will your customers type into Google or another search engine to find what you are selling. Start by making a list of keywords or phrases you would type into Google to find your business. You can use these keyword research methods to determine the best fitting keywords for your business. Talk to your website designer or an SEO consultant about optimising your Title and META Description to increase your website's click through rate (CTR).

2. Optimise your home page and sub pages

Include your researched keywords in your website's key pages. Where you have multiple services or products try to make certain keywords present on pages where you have relevant information. Think about including your main keywords in your headings, first paragraphs and throughout your content on your targeted pages.

3. List yourself in Google Places

Are you looking for local business? Google Places for Business is great for telling Google where your business is located and regions you serve. The information you put in here can also be optimised.

4. Sharing your expertise on the internet

Creating content online can be one of the best forms of marketing. Adding value online is a great way to show people that you are an expert in your field or providing information on how good your products are. Content generation also helps by providing information about your products and services. When done correctly, Google can use this added information build your business' credibility online and establish better visibility in the search engines.

Robert Kramers is the Director of digital marketing company E-Koncept. 

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