Peter Thiel-backed Everest launching app in New Zealand

Peter Thiel-backed Everest launching app in New Zealand

Everest, the Peter Thiel-backed iOS app which helps people visualise their goals and knock the buggers off, launches in New Zealand tomorrow. It's already available in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland – tomorrow sees it go live here, Australia and in South Africa. 

The goal setting app takes users through the steps needed to achieve their dreams – each step is documented and advice or suggestions are given from the community. The combination of goals and steps are visualised as a 'Dream Journey' , which can be shared online, however most of Everest's interactions occur in-app.

Co-founder and chief executive Francis Pedraza wouldn't share how many monthly active users Everest has at the moment, but did reveal that it's just recently logged 1 million steps.

Pedraza, along with fellow co-founders Katherine Krug and Victor Mathieux​, launched Everest six months ago. A 10-strong team has been working on the app for more than a year, although the business itself was in conception more than 18 months ago. 

The San Francisco-based startup's revenue model is based around intent marketing, selling advertising tailored to the steps and goals users upload to the site. For instance if someone's goal is to hike the Tongariro Crossing, tourism operators can suggest ways to get to National Park and camping stores can do deals on hiking gear. 

"We know what people want to do, that's the most valuable data in the world ... We want to ultimately provide people with great suggestions for the things they need to achieve their goals. We're working on how to do this in a thoughtful way and make the purchase as seamless as possible," says Pedraza.

He says New Zealand makes a logical next launch market because it's an English speaking country. By the end of the year, Pedraza hopes Everest will be in a few non-English speaking countries too, but this requires language updates to tagging features on the app.

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