Navman shows us the cool new shortcuts

Navman shows us the cool new shortcuts

Navman has partnered with Nokia to show off its fancy street mapping car and some new features for its in-car GPS units.

Navman – which was founded in New Zealand, before being sold overseas in 2004 – is touting its new 'Rapid Map Refresh' feature, which updates maps monthly to reflect changes to local roads, as a world first. 

The feature is only available on Navman's MY450LMT device.

To demonstrate the speed at which Auckland's roading is changing, the two companies took a group of journalists to the air on a helicopter ride over suburbs under heavy development such as Albany, Hobsonville, Stonefields and Waterview.

"What we've seen is that the infrastructure in New Zealand is going to change quite considerably over the next coming years. The Government's actually budgeted some major, major spending on infrastructure in New Zealand," says Navman marketing manager Noeleen Lechner. 

In 2012, Navman mapped changes to 21,800 km of roads, 2,600 street names, 1,700 turn restrictions, 500 one-way streets, and 1,700 road directional signs.

Oh, and the MY450LMT also has a cafe search function, so when you're going insane and need your coffee fix, you can press a button and your Navman will direct you to the nearest cafe.

Navman and Nokia's mapping car is keeping track of the changes - it travels Auckland streets collecting video data. 


The car has six cameras on its roof with a large white GPS antenna in the centre. The system is run by a processor in the boot, which is powered by a separate battery that's charged by the car's alternator.

There's also a pair of 2TB hard drives for storage, which Navman says take two weeks to fill with video.

But if you're looking for Navman to launch its own Google Maps, complete with video of the area, think again - the video is for the company's reference purposes only.

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