The Wrap: 26 June

The Wrap: 26 June

Microsoft Ventures into the unknown

It's been many decades since Microsoft was considered a startup. The US-based tech giant now holds a position high on the technology ladder and it's looking to give a helping hand to those way at the bottom.

Microsoft Ventures is the company's latest global initiative to provide tools and resources to startup companies. This will be through existing programmes such as BizSpark and more recent initiatives such as the Bing Startup Fund.

No doubt Microsoft is hoping it can influence the next generation of world-beating startups to use its own technology at an early stage, but anything that sees more early stage funding available to fledgling businesses is a good thing.

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

Image credit: @darth

Edward Snowden is on the run following his dramatic unveiling of systematic privacy breaches committed by the US government through its PRISM programme. He fled the US to Hong Kong, and has reportedly now been taken to Russia on the way to Ecuador via Cuba (although the Cuba link seems to have been a decoy).

Perhaps the greatest feat performed by civil liberties hero / enemy of the nation Edward Snowden was to convince a group of journalists to board an alcohol-free plane to Cuba for no reason.

Pacman FPS, FTW!

What would happen if you were transported into the world of the classic arcade game Pacman and had to fight your way through a labyrinth filled with hungry wandering spirits? This hypothetical is answered in a first person shooter (FPS) version of Pacman, which is both entertaining and nightmarishly scary.

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