The Wrap: 19 June

The Wrap: 19 June

Fairfax presses delete on IT

I got my start in technology journalism (in fact, journalism in general) at Computerworld. Editor Sarah Putt (along with CIO editor Divina Paredes) took me on with not much experience and mentored me. In my time there I've met the father of the internet Tim Berners-Lee, I've watched from the jury box as videos of Kim Dotcom's mansion raid were played in court and talked with countless successes of New Zealand's tech community.

Computerworld is not only what gave me my first taste of technology reporting, but also my hunger for it.

Sadly, Computerworld's last issue is fast approaching. Along with Reseller News and PC World, it will close its shutter following a final issue in July.

There's clearly a desire for New Zealand-based technology news, it's what we do in the tech section of Idealog every day and others across the local media landscape too. Which is why I remain optimistic that technology reporting isn't lost – especially the nitty gritty kind – will continue in some form amongst Fairfax's competitors and new publications rising from the ashes of its magazines. Hopefully, Fairfax's follies will act as learning notes for those approaching the niche in the future.

A Loony idea

The entire time I spent behind-the-scenes with the Google X team as it launched internet balloons in the South Island, I couldn't help but think of it as a corporate-level science fair project.

The idea is to create a global network of constantly moving balloons which provide broadband speed internet coverage in areas without fixed infrastructure, or where the infrastructure has been damaged by a natural disaster. I saw it first hand and have to tell you, this science experiment is just crazy enough to work.

Check out my exclusive photos of the launches, scientists and technology here.

Deadpool does human resources right

And now an employment video, brought to you by Marvel's best superhero – Deadpool.

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