Tech, sci-fi, fantasy: io9 has it all

Tech, sci-fi, fantasy: io9 has it all
Rockets, magic, sex - io9 opens up the world of science fiction and fantasy to a wide audience.

Rockets, magic, sex - io9 opens up the world of science fiction and fantasy to a wide audience.

Earlier this year I read a 1,600-word article exploring the connection between NASA, a mystical sex cult from the 1940s, and Scientology father L. Ron Hubbard.

The essay dove into the creation of the most controversial religion in the world, the impact the age of sexual liberation had on the sci-fi genre, and revealed that many rocket scientists in the 20th century regularly conducted black magic rituals involving orgies.

Rockets, magic, sex – apart from being an awesome name for an autobiography, it’s also why io9 is one of my favourite blogs.

The four-year-old website writes sci-fi and fantasy with the kind of free spirit only afforded to publications with an audience as geeky as io9’s. Topics such as the above are far from uncommon, and regularly the blog tells the story behind the stories.

Editor Annalee Newitz does an excellent job of opening up the world of science fiction and fantasy to a wider audience, while producing enough niche content to keep diehard fans well supplied with interesting tidbits about the worlds they love.

It’s not just the fictional variety of science that’s handled by the site – writers with backgrounds in technology, astronomy, and physics tackle important scientific breakthroughs as they are made public, explaining them in a way most science journals can’t.

While the stories are interesting, it’s io9’s community I find most appealing. Comic book fans, show groupies, movie loyalists, debate and discuss alongside professors, physicists, and even the occasional sex occultist. Everything nerdy is embraced.

Whether you’re a Tolkienist, amateur astronomer, or a closet Spider-Man fan, you’ll find a home at io9.

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