Local couple solving our cold and leaky home problems with Aridon

Local couple solving our cold and leaky home problems with Aridon
A Kiwi couple have started a business around new technology aimed at solving one of the country's biggest problems - our cold and leaky homes.

A Kiwi couple are hoping to solve the age-old problem of cold and leaky homes through the launch of their new insulated weatherproofing technology.

Stephen Pinkney and Christina Gomes, two entrepreneurs with years of industry experience, founded ARIDON after developing and patenting technology aimed at mastering weatherproofing for houses in the Australasian market.

The product is an exterior weatherproofing panel that combines four critical components of the building model (building wrap, cavity battens, sealants/tapes and insulation) to provide a healthier and warmer home.

The technology forms a layer of insulation around the outside of the house, enclosing the structure early and reducing the amount of undesirable airflow allowed inside.

The panels are comprised of water repellent expanded polystyrene with customised seals allowing any water that gets through to drain below the foundation, keeping the building frame bone-dry.

The couple says New Zealand has put up with cold and leaky homes for too long and consumers deserve more choice when it comes to keeping their families warm during winter.

A number of architects and homeowners have already taken an interest in ARIDON. The technology has the potential to significantly speed up the building process, making it a popular choice among many involved in the Christchurch rebuild. 

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