The Wrap: 8 May 2013

The Wrap: 8 May 2013

Adobe pirate to Adobe lover

I grew up pirating Adobe software. I remember stealthily lurking around warez sites looking for copies of Photoshop 7.0 (we're on version 13.0 now) that weren't ridden with viruses and porn. All the popular kids in my Runescape forum were making their own graphic signatures and I wanted to join in – because I was cool like that.

Using pirated Adobe software I taught myself skills that would become incredibly valuable later in life. I learned to design on a patched copy of Photoshop, create logos on illegal Illustrator, and even dabbled with a bit of felonious Flash to create stick figure animations. As I came into legitimate work in my teens I put those skills to use in a nice little marketing job, where I no longer needed pirated software because my company provided it for me – I'm proud to say I've gone legit.

I see Adobe's announcement yesterday that it is abandoning the Creative Suite for its Creative Cloud as something positive. The subscription fee is far more affordable for me than the previous $2000-$3000 upfront cost I would have faced in my teens. I understand that many are angry and apprehensive of the change, there are cons just as there are pros – which is why we've created this handy dandy list to explain what Adobe means when it says 'cloud'.

I for one welcome our new cloud-based overlords and have signed up to Creative Cloud in what is probably a very naive attempt to pay back what I see as a debt to Adobe for putting me in the very awesome position I'm in now. 

Wellington is not a carcass, says biased techy

When the Prime Minister of the country (and its Minister of Tourism) says its capital city is dying, people take notice. According to Firstline, PM John Key told a group of business people in Takapuna that "...Wellington is dying and we don't know how to turn it around."

I did a quick search on the Idealog website for the phrase 'Wellington-based', looking to see if the city is indeed dying. The results came up with some of the stories below and while it's certainly not an empirical conclusion about the city's pulse, it does show that Wellington has more going for it than just Parliament, Victoria University and Weta Workshop.

Gibson Group

Angel HQ

Intuition HQ

Syl Semantics



Strategy Design



The Verge senior editor Paul Miller left the internet a year ago to seek enlightenment. He unplugged his modem, turned off his wifi and clicked the little aeroplane symbol on his phone – he completely disconnected. Last month he came back online after a year living offline while the rest of the world lived online. He thought he would be back a better, stronger man – but he says he was wrong. Watch this awesome little documentary and listen to his story.

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