The Wrap: 29 May

The Wrap: 29 May

Xero to hero in Melbourne

The past few days I've been in Melbourne judging a marketing and merchandising award on this side of the Tasman. In between reading and debating over piles of case studies, I found some time to visit Xero's Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

The Xero story is impressive in its own right, but even more so when you see it beyond New Zealand. There are now 86 Xeroers in Australia, with about two-thirds in Melbourne. This team earned $13.9 million in the last financial year and is already the largest monthly revenue earner, beating New Zealand.

A comment that's stuck with me from my trip to Melbourne is Australian managing director Chris Ridd's goal to turn Xero's office into a Xero campus. With Xero Australia becoming so important to the company's bottom line, how much until more of its core development is moved over there – Ridd says it's already started.

There's hunger in the young (and young at heart) faces at Xero Australia. It'll be interesting to see how the scale and allure of Melbourne affect's Xero's corporate structure in the future.

Vodafone <3 Christchurch

Vodafone has kicked of its 4G product in parts of Christchurch today, only a few months after getting the ball rolling in Auckland. The country's second largest city is also the second to get a major 4G rollout.

Vodafone says 70 percent of Christchurchians will have access to 4G by July.

I Cloud

No one's ever as much a supporter of 'The Cloud' than when they suffer a catastrophic computer failure (except perhaps a cloud vendor who suffers a catastrophic computer failure). This is the situation I've found myself in this week, after a very rainy day in Melbourne, where my laptop and cellphone had more to drink than Aaron Gilmore in restaurants where the staff don't know his name.

Unable to get my computer to boot reliably I was forced to find public libraries and sympathetic strangers to give me the hit of sweet, sweet internet I needed. Unfortunately I hadn't backed up some important documents which got me into a bit of bother, all which could've been avoided if I was more diligent with my data backups.

Consider this a public service announcement about something which is incredibly important, but oft forgotten. The golden rule to backup on site / at home, backup off site / out of home and backup into the cloud. It can be hard doing all three, two of three is usually good enough for anyone not looking after their company's business information.

Do you have any particularly bad data fail stories? Come share your misery in the comment section below.

And now a video of storm-chasing misadventures...


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