The Wrap: 1 May

The Wrap: 1 May

We need more geeks

The country needs more geeks if it's to succeed as a digital exporter. More people passionate about the inner workings of computers, smartphones, apps, and even the ever-so-trendy – imagine me waving my hand as you read this –  cloud.

Kiwi expat and New York-based Googler Craig Nevill-Manning says getting kids exciting about technology is the best way to maintain New Zealand's growing digital economy. Of course he's got a lot to benefit from having a steady stream of engineers, developers and technologists coming from New Zealand – more fodder for Google's development offices around the world.

If you want your kids (or your inner children) to get a taste of programming it's never too late to get in with initiatives like ICT Connect, Programming Challenge 4 Girls, Code Avengers and Code Club.

Data demand doubles and datacentres

New Zealanders' appetite for mobile data is becoming insatiable, doubling twice in as many years. However mobile retail revenue remains flat-to-steady as competition from 2degrees has forced the Telecom / Vodafone duopoly to actually get its hands dirty with more competitive pricing.

Afraid of becoming dumb pipe vendors, telcos are having to adapt and create new revenue stream to shore up fanishing ones like TXT and voice. This week we've seen Telecom buy into datacentre company Revera to get into the lucrative government infrastructure as a service panel, and it's likely we'll see much more of this non-standard play from our friendly telco corporate citizens in the near future.

Webbys and women

Rapp Tribal is the only New Zealand company to be nominated for a Webby Award this year (although Wellington digital studio Resn did have a lot of uncredited work in the mix). Standing out in a field of many thousand entrants, Rapp took home a Webby for its corporate social responsibility campaign highlighting the pay disparity between men and women in New Zealand. 

Bay of Plenty cow almost jumps over the moon (apologies for the hyperbole)

What would you send into space if you're a Tauranga-based ISP? Your cow-shaped mascot of course. Eva is the mascot for regional ISP EOL, and was jettisoned into space as a part of Earth Day celebrations. You can check out EOL's testing of Eva's space vehicle on the company's blog.

Nokia/Microsoft tells Apple and Samsung to take a chill pill

There's some rich irony in Microsoft telling fans of other technology companies not to squabble. There was no fanboy more ruthless than the XP-loving IT guys of the early 2000s. Anywho, this commercial from Nokia and Microsoft is pretty funny and on the nose about some of the silly squabbles that popup from being a smartphone fan.

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