LG (and Ewan McGregor) launches 'lightest, slimmest' TV in the world with mysterious fourth subpixel

Hollywood actor endorses LG products, saying the new OLED TV is "f***ing incredible".

LG has roped in Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor to be the face of its new home entertainment campaign, rolled out to Australian and New Zealand media in Sydney today. The deal sees McGregor fronting for the brand in at least two television commercials as well as print ads across tech, trade and consumer magazines.

"The way our business is going, my work ends up more often on a big television," McGregor said in response to questions why he would partner with the electronics brand. "Personally speaking, I like watching movies at the cinema and I think we should encourage that as much as we can."

LG conducted research with 1,200 consumers and found that due to recessionary contraction, consumers are now more likely to stay home for entertainment on television than go out to the cinema.

"I spend hours waiting for the light, for the scene to be lit," McGregor explained. "It's a very important part of our industry - how the film is going to look. And usually, up until now, it doesn't look like that [on television]. These TVs make it look like we shot it. The colours are phenomenal."

LG today launched a new OLED TV, which is super-thin - the world's largest and slimmest television, with a 15-degree curve. It uses a white subpixel to perfect the image. 

"It's so crystal-clear and sharp, it's like falling into it, really," McGregor said, in his endorsement of the new technology. 

The addition of the white subpixel to the RGB system is the result of "years of research and development", said LG head of marketing for home entertainment Russ Prendergast. 

McGregor had only had descriptions of the new television technology before today, but he got to experience them in the flesh before the media also got to play. 

"I was worried about how I was going to describe the picture on [the OLED TV] without swearing, because it's so fucking incredible," McGregor said. 

The 84" Ultra HD TV retails for $15,999, while the 55" model retails for a slightly more affordable $6,999.

LG also announced the impending launch this month of its new LG Cloud service, between smartphones, TVs and PCs. Consumers who sign up will get a 5GB allowance. 

It's also announced a gaming partnership with Disney Interactive, Unity, EA Games and Activision. 

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