Infographic: iPhones down, Samsung up in NZ smartphone wars

Apple smartphones are on the decline while Samsung's star is burning brighter, but the iPhone and iPad manufacturer is still leaps and bounds ahead of competitors in New Zealand, according to mobile ad network InMobi.

The international advertising company supplies ads to mobile devices through software kits for developers – either mobile web or in-app. The company uses ad impressions through its network to gauge the popularity of devices.

The first quarter of 2013 saw Apple's share of devices in New Zealand drop 2.4 percent, the first decrease since InMobi started tracking the metric.

Out of the top handset manufacturers only Samsung has increased its foothold in the country, growing by 4.4 percent – no doubt thanks to the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S3 and major marketing pushes in the country. 

InMobi says on the back of Samsung's success, the Android operating system is now responsible for 37.3 percent of all ad impressions on its network.

Although Apple has lost a bit of momentum in the smartphone game, it's still got an iron grip on tablets – accounting for 12.6 percent of handsets, according to InMobi.

According to the AppBrain Android app market (an alternative to Google's Play), InMobi's ad system is installed on 11.4 percent of all Android apps installed through it. Neither Apple nor Google release similar SDK stats for their stores.

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