End of Kiwi virtual world MiniMonos

End of Kiwi virtual world MiniMonos

The end is nigh for New Zealand online multiplayer game MiniMonos, the primate themed game's maker says there's no money in monkey business (at least not in the Flash-based variants).

In a blog post on the MiniMonos website, founder and alpha monkey Melissa Clark-Reynolds says the game studio of the same name can no longer support its development. Over at Lance Wiggs' excellent post comparing MiniMonos to the similarly named (but completely unrelated) iOS game MinoMonsters, Clark-Reynolds comments that this is because of wider industry challenges with Flash gaming.

"Ultimately the reason we are closing down the [virtual world] is that we no longer believe it is possible to build a profitable Flash-based browser driven [virtual world]. The closure of similar worlds recently (Pandanda being the most recent) is just the beginning and we know that traffic to the larger sites such as Poptropica and Club Penguin is not what it used to be," she says.

Clark-Reynolds founded MiniMonos in 2009, after a manning the helm as chief executive of Payglobal. The company is head-quartered in UK where Clark-Reynolds lives, but the majority of its 15 staff work from New Zealand.

While the game may be sunsetting this coming Sunday, the studio will go on developing games utilising much of the intellectual property and assets already created for MiniMonos. Importantly these new products will be where kids are playing games, mobile platforms such as iOS. The first app MonkeyMe, let's users create monkey avatars and dress them up using in-app micro-transactions to purchase more gear.

Clark-Reynolds goes on to write that the company is waiting to see if its shareholders (including the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund) support this move away from MiniMonos' core and into green fields.

"... We hope we haven't pivoted too late," she says.

Idealog has contacted Clark-Reynolds for further information.

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