The Wrap: 24 April

The Wrap: 24 April

A bit of kudos

Sometimes I'm truly amazed that there are people out there who are paying me to go around hearing awesome stories from New Zealand businesses. Surely this is a scam of some sort,  I'd happily do this for free*.

(*This isn't a legally binding statement. Employer, please do not try to use this article as a bargaining chip at my next performance review.)

This week I had the pleasure of going into two New Zealand technology companies that are doing amazing things on a global scale and hiring hundreds of skilled Kiwis at the same time. Oktobor Animation and Gameloft Auckland run in the same circles and have similar issues. A common thread coming from both organisations is how important the advice and assistance they've received from the government (particularly the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) has been for the success of the two companies.

I and others are quick to bag the government for where it falls short, so I think it's only fair to throw a bit of kudos its way every now and then too. While there's still a long way to go (for instance streamlining immigration and increasing funding opportunities for the game industry), it's done enough to make an impression on these two very interesting companies. So government, consider this a hearty pat on the back from Idealog. Cherish it, you might not get one again for some time.

Online shopping carts all the rage

Kiwis take to online shopping like ducks to water. According to Statistics New Zealand almost half of us are doing personal shopping online, an increase of almost 11 percent since 2009.

Apple still rolling in piles of cash (and sharing it too)

Apple Q2 results shows it still has billions and billions of dollars. More importantly for those tied into its ecosystem, the tech giant says it's hit the 40 billion downloads mark on the App Store – contributing $9 billion straight into the pocket of developers around the world.

Now Apple needs to show some love to New Zealand tax collectors.

Game of Thrones circa 1999

I have often wondered what HBO's sword and sorcery epic Game of Thrones would look like if we were magically transported back to the '90s. It seems others have also wasted their time thinking about this, as this re-imagined starting theme clearly shows.

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