The Wrap: 10 April 2013

The Wrap: 10 April 2013

LTE/4G from Telecom soon(ish)

Telecom must have been embarassed when Vodafone launched its 4G product only a few weeks after Telecom announced it had started public trials. Wanting to save face, the telco announced this week it's launching its own 4G / LTE service in October.

A media conference was held by Telecom yesterday to reveal the timelines to the public. What was initially meant to be a "fireside chat" turned into a very awkward game of musical chairs, as different Telecom executives were sat down on a chair to talk about their portion of the 4G business.

(Left to right: Chris Quin, Telecom Retail CEO; David Havercroft, Telecom CTO; Tim Miles, Gen-i CEO)

When Vodafone launched its 4G in late February it flatly dismissed any calls to increase its data caps. Telecom it seems is following the same tact for now, although new Gen-i CEO Tim Miles made a very interesting comment – saying increased data caps were a matter of when and not if. No doubt he'll be getting a talking to from Telecom's media training team.

Telecom incubates

More news from Telecom – it's launching an incubator of sorts. The company is undergoing massive change to get leaner and find more sources of revenue, one of the ways it's tackling this is to incubate start ups with the goal of incorporating them into the company in the future or spinning them off as separate entities in the future.

Google Music

It's been over a year but the wait has been worth it, Google today launches its Music store in New Zealand. What's caught my attention is the news that up to 20,000 of your iTunes (or other music library) can automatically be synced to Google's cloud service for free – no need to buy songs again or even upload the songs at all.

Shape Auckland

Check out this cool housing simulator set up by the Auckland Council to give the public an idea of what it takes to build the 400,000 new homes the city needs in the future. While the graphical representation is incredibly simplified, it works well as a starting point for a bigger discussion around the Draft Unitary Plan. Also it's made in HTML and not Flash which is always a thumbs up in my book.

Who needs Halo when you have Matt Damon?

A quick glimpse director Neill Blomkamp's (District 9) new movie Elysium, featuring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The visual effects were done by none other than the clever folk at Weta Digital.

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