Review: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

Most people buy a GoPro camera because they're action junkies wanting to document their adventures. I seem to have approached things the wrong way, and now have a lifetime addiction of adventure sports, because my GoPro Hero 3 demands it of me.

Tucked inside the tiny body of the Hero 3 (and in my case the Black Edition) is an HD camera capable of doing some amazing things.


The Hero 3 Black Edition is the top tier of the latest generation of GoPros. It has a higher resolution 12 megapixel sensor (compared to the White's 5 MP and the Silver's 11 MP). 

Weighing only 73 grams and a third thinner than the previous model, the Hero 3 body is small enough to fit in your pocket and an unobtrusive addition to your helmet for filming. 

The first thing I did when I got my Hero 3 was attach it to an RC helicopter to capture some ariel footage. While the camera itself is featherlight, combined with its housing it becomes four times heavier . The only helicopter footage I got was of my copter sideways in the grass straining to lift off.

The camera is the epitome of minimal tech. A small LCD screen is used to scroll through display modes and settings. The one button menu system does at times become infuriating There's only one direction to scroll, so if you accidentally miss what you're looking for you'll have to circle back around the entire menu. 

A removable and, as I've since learned, easily losable flap covers a mini-USB port, micro-HDMI, and micro-SD card slot. There's no 3mm microphone jack like in the Hero 2.

Video and Image Quality

The Good:

The Bad:

- Stock in New Zealand has been quite poor. It's getting better post-Christmas

- Battery is 

- Controlling the unit without the smartphone app takes time to master

The Verdict:

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