Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will.I.Am, and other tech giants join forces to make coding cool

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Will.I.Am, and other tech giants join forces to make coding cool

The creators behind Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Valve and other global tech giants,  along with a sprinkling of mainstream celebrity-turned-tech entrepreneurs like Will.I.Am star in a new video promoting programming as a part of school curricula.

Called "What most schools don't teach", the video explores how these well known technologists got into the world of development, and what opportunities there are out there for kids aspiring to do the same. 

It's musician Will.I.Am (now studying coding himself) who puts the importance of the message across most clearly.

"Here we are in 2013, we all depend on technology to communicate and none of us know how to read and write code," he says.

The video is produced for, a US non-profit aimed at teaching children the basics of programming. In New Zealand there are similar initiatives set up to get kids thinking about technology as potential careers. 

The Institute of IT Professional NZ's (IITPNZ) ICT Connect programme takes technology evangelists into schools to talk to students about their jobs and what exciting things they've done through work. Seeing looming skills shortages ahead, Orion Health has started its own initiative to bring up its next generation of workers in Christchurch, with its Code Club. And New Zealand-made Code Avengers uses games to teach children (and children-at-heart) how to programme in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

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