Tech Inspiration: Bettering yourself with Reddit

Tech Inspiration: Bettering yourself with Reddit

In the last few months I've been putting more effort into becoming a Renaissance man. Someone who can build stuff, craft things, and wax lyrical - all while pulling off a dashing feathered cap. I'm not ashamed to say that I've brought in outside help to achieve this feat, in the form of an army of internet geeks and do-it-yourselfers from the "front page of the internet", Reddit.

Many dismiss Reddit as merely a stream of animal photos with tired jokes written on them. This is mostly true, but if you dig beneath the pictures of cats hidden behind giant white text, you'll find an active community of people sharing their knowledge and experience with the world.

Here are some of the Reddit communities (subreddits) I check almost daily, helping me on the long, long journey towards becoming a better guy.

/r/lifeprotips and /r/lifehacks

Have you ever received a handy tip which completely changed your life? These two subreddits have thousands of them, all updated daily by more than 400,000 combined users.

The advice ranges from acing job interviews, to cleaning vivid marks on a whiteboard (answer: write over it with a normal whiteboard marker).

In fact /r/lifehacks taught me how to make better use of my time, although many of the most popular tips in this category is to spend less time on Reddit.


Splinters and I have been mortal enemies since an early age, but it's hard not to pick up a piece of wood and start hammering nails into things when you see projects like this (a home observatory).

This community is full of people's pet projects, many accompanied with instructions on replicating their success.


I'm horrible with money, but the first step financial stability is acceptance. The second step is subscribing to this subreddit. 

Full of advice about how to spend less and make the most of every dollar, this community is a lifesaver for students and young families.


One of my ambitious goals for this year is to win  the most difficult of intellectual challenges, a pub quiz. 

TodayILearned is teeming with interesting bits of trivia (did you know an average NFL game only features 11 minutes of actual action?), which will make you seem smarter to your remaining friends after you become such a know it all.

What subreddits do you subscribe to and would recommend?

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