Mega launch liveblog

Mega launch liveblog

Today, on the one year anniversary of Kim Dotcom's dramatic arrest for alleged piracy and racketeering, the eccentric millionaire turned internet folk hero has invited the world's press, New Zealand politicians, and even his adversaries in Hollywood, to the launch of

9:47pm - It's all over. Time for home (or drinks if you're that way inclined). Thanks for your time and eyeballs folks.

9:46pm - In a moment of self-awareness, Dotcom admits that he's over saturated the New Zealand media. 

"I don't want New Zealanders to think I'm using the media. The next time you see me will probably be when I'm in court," says Dotcom.

9:40pm - Mathias Oortman, CTO, says Mega's encryption is open-source and expects the community to work towards making it better.

9:36pm - Dotcom paid for the development of through investors, including majority investor Tony Lentino, says Dotcom. 

Dotcom thanks Lentino for paying for Dotcom's rent when he was first arrested, and had his property and money seized.

9:34pm - Tony Lentino,'s CEO.

9:30pm - "I have no hard feelings, I'm a reasonable guy," says Dotcom, about Prime Minister John Key. Says it isn't his desire to sue the New Zealand government.

9:26pm - New Mega won't limit the number of downloads. Dotcom says this is to encourage the viral sharing of content for content creators like musicians.

9:22pm - If we recieve take down notices, we will take them down - as required by law, says Dotcom. 

"If Hollywood would come together to create an internet business, they would be the largest internet company in the world," says Dotcom. "

But they just don't understand that."

9:20pm - Finn Batato, chief marketing officer at Mega, says he intends to stay in New Zealand. "The country is nice, it's beautiful, why not."

9:05pm - Dotcom says he intends to hire a "few hundred" New Zealand staff to work on development of Mega, and future products. However, he extends invitation to previous Megaupload employees to get their jobs back.

9pm - Dotcom answering Q+A. Says Mega had 500,000 registered users in the first 14 hours. Says he intends to list on NZX.

8:45pm - Helicopters, parasailing "FBI" agents, and dancing army women. It's a Mega intro.

8:30pm - Tiki Tane opens the event. 

8:25pm - Waiting for the event to start...with more than 250 others.

7:40pm - Reporters galore at the Mega launch.

7pm -We're at Kim Dotcom's mansion. Press and guests starting to pour through. Stage area erected, rumour has it Dotcom and co. will reinact raid with real helicopter.

Some of the story so far:

January 2012 - Kim Dotcom, and co-accused Finn Batato, Mathias Oortman, and Bram Van der Kolk, arrested at Dotcom's Coatesville Mansion by team including Police and Special Tactics Group.

February 2012 - After weeks of bail hearings, and at least one denied attempt, Dotcom is released on bail. His co-accused were released earlier.

March 2012 - Dotcom speaks to John Campbell about his experiences during the raid on his property on 20 January.

April 2012 - Dotcom's bail conditions are loosened. He leaves home to record new songs in a studio.

May 2012: After creating a scandal regarding political donations to ACT Party leader John Banks, Dotcom responds to Banks with a music video reply.

June 2012: The High Court grants Dotcom a judicial review. Dotcom says he hopes to get the evidence being used against him in his hands to prepare an adequate defence. Justice Helen Winkelman sides with Dotcom, says seizing and copying of data from New Zealand shores and Fedexing it to the US was illegal.

July 2012: Following controversial comments at the NetHui conference in Auckland, Justice David Harvey steps down from presiding over Dotcom's extradition hearing. Dotcom's extradition has been pushed back to March 2013 by this point.

September 2012: Prime Minister John Key requests an official enquiry into the raid on Dotcom's property following reports that the GCSB illegally spied on Dotcom and his co-accused. This results in a formal apology from the Prime Minister to Dotcom.

November 2012: Dotcom announces plans to launch Mega on the anniversary of his arrest. 

December 2012: Extradition hearing delayed until August 2013.

January 2013: Dotcom launches new cloud service with press event at his mansion. Does it change the face of cloud computing or does it fizzle away? We'll soon find out.

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