Got a protected Twitter account? Feeling ignored? Here's why

Got a protected Twitter account? Feeling ignored? Here's why

On Twitter you can protect your tweets so that your account is private – which is a bit like shouting at the radio while it is broadcasting talkback!

simone mccallum twitterHowever, if you do have a protected account, then it pays to remember that if you tweet someone who does not follow you, they will not see your tweet. At all.

So if you:

* Tweeted the Air NZ Fairy to beg for a few more airpoints

* Entered a competition to win a slinky on Twitter

* Tweeted some outraged comments about Novopay to Campbell Live after that night’s show

* Asked your telco some complicated yet urgent question about prepay data on your mini iPad when you are global roaming to Mars

* Joined in on a trending hashtag with a witty tweet

* Or simply engaged with someone who you follow on Twitter after seeing their tweet

... and they never responded, well, they might not have been able to see your tweet if they are not following you.

It is like you are dead to them. Dead. You cannot even tweet them to ask them to follow you because they won’t get your tweet!

So before you protect your Twitter account, have a think about whether you want to activate your mute button on social media.

More information from Twitter Help is here (and pasted below) about how protected Twitter accounts operate.

When you protect your Tweets, the following restrictions are put in place:

  • People will have to request to follow you; each follow request will need approval. Learn more.
  • Your Tweets will only be visible to users you’ve approved.
  • Other users will not be able to retweet your Tweets. Learn more.
  • Protected Tweets will not appear in Twitter search or Google search.
  • @replies you send to people who aren’t following you will not be seen by those users (because you have not given them permission to see your Tweets).
  • You cannot share permanent links to your Tweets with anyone other than your approved followers. links, even those shared via DM, are neither protected nor public. Anyone with the link will be able to view the content.

Simone McCallum is the social media strategist at ASB. This post originally appeared on her blog.

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