Wallpaper that saves lives

Wallpaper that saves lives
bayer earthquake resistant wallpaper

As New Zealand has been reminded in recent times, earthquakes can be devastating. And building better buildings in the future could involve the use of glass fibre wallpaper that helps to hold masonry together, delaying or preventing the collapse of walls.

Developed by Bayer with industry and academic partners, the MapeWrap EQ System is patent-pending and can be applied easily to existing buildings. It can then be covered with wallpaper or other coatings, so that the occupants can continue to decorate as they see fit.

How it works: a tear-resistant woven fabric is applied with a special adhesive directly to the wall forming a permanent bond. In the event of an earthquake, the 'wallpaper' holds large areas of the masonry together and should keep it stable for some time. The idea is to delay or even prevent the collapse of the walls, giving the occupants time to flee the building to safety.

Another advantage of the adhesive is that it is waterborne, contains no organic solvents and is thus ideally suited to interior applications. 

Check out the video below for more: