HiLO blasts through Kickstarter target

HiLO blasts through Kickstarter target

hilo camera kickstarter nzLast month we introduced you to the HiLo, an extension for your iPhone camera or iPad camera with a right angle lens. Driven by engineer turned entrepreneur Mark Hampton, the HiLo basically acts as a rotating screen allowing you to capture new and interesting angles in your photos and videos.

With a week left to go, the project has already raised more than US$29,000 (well over its original goal of $27,500 in pledges) and Hampton has added a stretch goal of $37,500.

With the extra ten grand, he says they'll add a voice-activated shutter option to the accompanying HiLo mobile app.

Manufacturers are being lined up and the HiLo is tipped to start shipping in February.

The HiLO will retail for US$60 (to comply with Kickstarter requirements, Hampton has set up a US-based company).hilo camera kickstarter nz