LED bulbs over wi-fi: the future of lighting

LED bulbs over wi-fi: the future of lighting

Voila, the LED bulb of the future.

You may have recently heard about LIFX, a Kickstarter project that blew away its modest (in perspective) $100,000 goal by breaking the $1 million mark and selling out all its pledge rewards. Claiming to be "the light bulb reinvented", the LIFX is a wi-fi enabled LED light bulb controlled by an iPhone or Android app.

limitlessledBut they say there are no truly original ideas (example: this previous Kickstarter doubleup) and a similar Kiwi idea, LimitlessLED, is out on Indiegogo. It's aiming to raise nearly $300,000 in the next month.

The company behind the LimitlessLED bulb is Limitless Designs, a California-based startup founded by Hamish Ahern of Tauranga. He says copyrights, trademarks and patents are pending in New Zealand, Australia and the US. (ETA: And in a comment below on this post, he says Kickstarter thrice rejected the LimitlessLED as a submitted project.)

The LED bulbs will retail for less than US$30 and are said to have a life of 50,000 hours.

The smart bulbs contain a wireless microchip and are controlled either by a remote or smartphone. The company's even looking to tie them in with the Pebble smartwatch, the highest-grossing Kickstarter project ever. And Limitless has also come up with a base station to enable the control of all house lights via wi-fi.

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