Review: Tomtom Go Live 2050

Review: Tomtom Go Live 2050

Packed with features, the Tomtom Go  Live 2050 is hard to beat as a driving companion. 

tomtom go live 2050 nz review

From the little things (large screen, speed camera sensors, distance to the next turn, estimated time of arrival at destination) to the big (traffic delay warnings, visual signals for the beginning and end of roadworks), it well and truly earned its place on the dashboard during our road trip around the South Island.

By and large you can be confident the information the GPS is displaying – it updates every two minutes, after all. A couple of times it seemingly led us astray past the ‘town centre’ signs as we approached a new locale; both times we ended up turning around, and both times later realised that route would have gotten us there in the end. But it wasn’t always smarter than us: it did lead us to one defunct petrol station in Christchurch and some speed limit signs didn’t immediately register (mainly when the limit dropped to 70km coming into small towns).

Mounting and dismounting the GPS is dead easy, as it snaps to the dock magnetically.  The power cable connects via the bottom, and also seems to slide neatly into place every time. Tomtom claims up to two hours of autonomous operation, which wasn’t too far off the mark, though probably closer to one than two – long enough to swap out for a phone charger to juice a mobile back up, anyhow.

When connected via Bluetooth you can tap into handsfree calling, and the voice quality is surprisingly clear. On the other hand, UI for the navigation map is a bit lacking when it comes to zooming in and out, and the ‘points of interest’ search function isn’t quite Google-intelligent – keep your searches fairly general, or make sure you know the exact name of the place you had in a mind. That said, there’s also the option of actually going through Google to perform a search. Tomtom Live Services also links up with Expedia and Tripadvisor, allowing you to compare travel and accommodation providers, plus a Twitter function should you feel the urge to schedule a tweet announcing your destination and estimated time of arrival…

While we’re increasingly opting to load navigation apps onto our smartphones over a standalone GPS device, there are some things an app will struggle to provide – and that’s where a top-end unit like the Tomtom Go Live 2050 comes in.

Tomtom Go Live 2050
RRP $399

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