Kiwi kickstarts iPhone camera hack, the HiLO

Kiwi kickstarts iPhone camera hack, the HiLO

We do like a good Kickstarter project, particularly one with Kiwi roots. And the HiLO Lens for iPhone and iPad seems to fall squarely into that category.

hilo lens kickstarter project

Engineer turned entrepreneur Mark Hampton is driving the development. In a nutshell, the HiLO extends your  iPhone camera or iPad camera with a right angle lens. There will also be a free app that improves image quality and corrects for distortion. Having a HiLO attached to an Apple device also means it can be used as a tripod when laid on any flat surface.

Hampton, who's worked mainly in the field of microelectronics, says he was intrigued by the challenge of developing a consumer product and keen to test the potential of crowdfunding. He uses his iPhone as his main camera but says he missed the flexibility of the swivel screen on his old digital camera. And thus, the HiLO was born.

"It is a perfect example of crowdfunding allowing a niche product to be realised that otherwise would probably never exist," he says.

The HiLO will retail for $79.95, assuming it reaches its funding target and progresses on to the production stage.

In case you're wondering just who would buy something like this, Hampton suggests that anyone looking to take great low-level shots, self portraits, shoot from the hip, or take photos of children or pets will find it useful.

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