Vodafone claims speed record for new iPhone as sales top five million

The all new fanboy phone will be on the market from the end of this week.

The thinnest and lightest iPhone ever is set to hit the market on Friday, after sales overseas topped five million during the handset's first three days on sale.

Compare that to four million for its predecessor (the iPhone 4S) nearly a year ago.

Vodafone and Telecom have both been accepting pre-orders of the handset, while demand internationally is exceeding the initial supply.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is working hard to build "enough iPhone 5s for everyone".

So what's new, pussycat? The redesign of every fanboy's favourite apparatus includes a new four-inch retina display, an Apple-designed A6 chip for speed and ultrafast wireless technology.

Vodafone, which is touting the new iPhone, says it'll have an extra long battery life and will be the fastest handset on the local market – when it's running on the Vodafone network.

It takes advantage of the company's high speed DC-HSPA network, according to director of sales Grant Hopkins.

Customers will also be able to connect to the fast HSPA+ network.

And how much for the privilege? It'll retail at $149 for the 32GB model and $299 for the 64GB model.

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